Who we are

Having sat at all sides of the table – working for ingredient suppliers, Canada’s leading food manufacturers and intimately with Foodservice and Retail customers – we recognized the opportunity that strengthened partnerships and collaboration between ingredient companies, food manufacturers and foodservice providers accelerates and elevates new product and menu development.

Between all parties, there is boundless creativity and complementary insight that accelerates the creation and commercialization of products and menu offerings, making a difference to consumers and presenting a win / win to all industry players’ bottom line.

menüvation brings you the experience and expertise to inject innovation to your product line through the break-through process of:



Identifying relevant market trends and unmet needs, interpreting insights and opportunities and translating them into viable concepts and offerings.



Orchestrating your Sales, Marketing, R&D, Purchasing and Business Development teams to strategically connect with consumer needs, develop new markets and diversify products, menus and services.



Harvesting and leveraging the knowledge and ideas from the entire food value chain in a format allowing for collaborative ideation of new products or menu concepts.



Commercializing new products from concept to launch timely and profitably.

Connect with menüvation and experience the benefits

  • Successful innovative solutions that make you more competitive.
  • Added value for customers and consumers.
  • Richer creative ideas and fresh thinking that win more business with both current customers and potential customers.
  • An on track innovation plan that integrates customer and consumer demands and industry trends with your manufacturing capabilities.
  • Translate concepts into meaningful products.
  • Increase your bottom line.