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menüvation will help you to:


Create new products faster

Create new products faster by leveraging leading edge ingredient knowledge and technologies.


Explore and harvest ideas

Effectively explore and harvest ideas from a network of development resources, trend knowledge and supplier insight for your innovation platform.


Increase interaction with suppliers

Create a forum for agile interactions with suppliers.


Enlarge your pipeline of breakthrough ideas

Introduce you to new supplier relationships to enlarge your pipeline of breakthrough ideas and products.


menüvation will work with you to achieve the above by providing:


  • Ideation Circle Facilitation
  1. Collaborative innovation supplier and manufacturer workshops to accelerate  innovative thinking around your specific growth initiatives and food trends
  2. Fresh thinking workshops yielding product concepts
  • Innovation Pipeline Growth
    1. Tailored coordination for a unique table-top supplier presentation  with the intent of transitioning tested concepts to your product pipeline while linking you to ingredient experts and relationships for support
    1. Provides the opportunity for Supply Chain, Research and Development and Marketing teams to interact with highly qualified representatives of pre-selected ingredient and packaging suppliers
    2. Showcases innovative concepts targetted to your strategies and initiatives based on menüvation’s coaching with suppliers for ideation, concept development, product development, and commercialization
    3. Formatted as a table-top or presentation forum
    4. Takes place within your own working environment
    5. Creates heightened levels of open innovation and strengthened partnerships
    6. Increases your pool of suppliers potentially highlighting cost saving opportunities through either product or process suggestion
    7. Creates new and actionable ideas for you to present to your customers
    8. Ease of organization as menüvation will lead the session from beginning to end, including feedback reviews and recommendations for next steps
    9. Project management support in implementation for selected go-to-market products

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