Ingredient Suppliers –


menüvation will help you to:


Anticipate Trends

Anticipate future trends and go-to-market with your organization’s offering aligned to your customers’ strategies and capabilities creating meaningful products that showcase your capabilities.


Create Innovation Experiences

Introduce innovation formats and create innovation experiences that make your organization more competitive and ultimately add value to your bottom line.


Solidify customer relationships

Solidify existing customer relationships by creating an insightful innovation experience, elevating you to their top of mind supplier and innovation advisor.


Entice new customers

Entice new customers by creating a dynamic, insightful pitch and excite them to do business with you


menüvation will work with you to achieve the above by providing:


  • Ideation Circle Facilitation
  1. Organizing internal ideation circles connecting market trends reviews with customer strategies
  2. Connecting suppliers and manufacturer and conducting win/win workshops
  • Idea Screening
  1. Shortlisting concepts based on strong rationales and a tested evaluation process
  • Concept Development Coaching
  1. Coaching through a series of product evaluation sessions to achieve stellar products to showcase to a customer
  2. Providing access to culinary and formulation development expertise
  3. Positioning development; linking product to customer strategy and trends; plant requirements; preliminary costing analysis
  4. Ingredient declaration and nutritional support
  • Customer Presentation Opportunities Readiness
  1. Unique table-top / presentation opportunities with key decision makers and influencers from Supply Chain, R&D and Marketing teams, showcasing innovative concepts based on full support from menüvation
  2. Fresh-thinking workshops for creating customer ‘delight’ experiences through creative presentations
  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  1. Focusing and rallying your business capabilities around innovation and business development


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