What can we do? Quite a lot actually!

In a nutshell, menüvation facilitates the collaboration between ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers, retailers and foodservice providers to accelerate the innovation process of products and menu items from idea to commercialization. We develop solutions with you and for you that capture the knowledge and value of the entire industry aligning with your strategy, future industry trends and supplier and manufacturer capabilities. End result: innovative meaningful products that are produced cost effectively and timely.

Ingredient Suppliers

From development to presentation, we help you create innovative products that showcase your capabilities, align with future trends and incorporate your customers’ strategies.

The Result: Solidify your relationships with your customers as an insightful innovation advisor.


  • Market Trend Synthesis
  • Customer Strategy Alignment
  • Ideation Circle Facilitation
  • Concept Development Coaching

Food Manufacturers

Create new competitive products faster by leveraging leading edge ingredient knowledge and technologies. Explore and harvest ideas from a network of development resources, trend knowledge and supplier insight for your innovation platform.

The Result: Building your innovation pipeline targeted to your consumers while growing your top line.


  • Commercialization Feasibility Review
  • Go-To-Market Strategy Development
  • Unique Innovation Presentations
  • Targeted Tabletop Events


Through a collective portfolio of food manufacturers and suppliers, we provide you with innovative, insightful products for your store shelves or menu offerings.

The Result: Maximize your effort for identifying and commercializing new product opportunities.



Building your innovation pipeline — growing your top line